Errected Officals

                                                                                 DSCN6500 (3)

Errected  Officials

They play out roles cast by Ceo’s,

Sold their souls for gold-plated toilet bowls

For wine and cheese, envelopes passed, hands squeezed

For a dollar more their asses greased

It’s tax-deductible anal ease

There are corporations to please,

The poor to fleece, The old to cheat,

And don’t forget the farmer’s wheat

They are busy little bees

Greed is the name of their dis ease

The security and building contracts

For uncle Frank, brother Bob and cousin Fred

In the name of GOD, on the innocents they tread

Barrels of oil and fields of poppies for blood shed

Liberty has been divorced and Injustice been wed

and strictly enforced

I don’t know how they sleep

But this is the way, that they make their beds

There are wallets EGO’s and off shore accounts to be fed.


It’s hard to call yourself an activist if you aren’t actively trying to make a contribution to the betterment of the universe. I have been really ill the past couple of years and this past year I have been busy trying to get well and going to the doctors and that business. I have not been writing very much, this poem I wrote several years ago, It was published in the Street Roots newspaper, I have always thought that it fit well with this sculpture. My very first post was titled, Art Saved My Life, Well, the truth is that, it was Cannabis that saved my life and continues to heal me, the Art and creativity, I believe was awakened by my use of this Sacred Herb. There, I have come out of the closet, I am a Cannabis user, it is Medicine, Nutrition and Sacrament for me, I have gone from taking multiple pharmaceuticals to only having to take one, thanks to Cannabis. It isn’t just medicine to me, it is Sacred to me, like ones wine or wafer, it is my sacrament. I am fortunate enough to live in state that has granted me a license to be able to use cannabis to help mitigate my symptoms.  In July it will be legal for residents in my state, Oregon, to use cannabis recreational purposes.  I will be glad when people can respect the fact that many people hold this plant sacred and respect that. One of my new year’s resolutions will be to get this blog back up and running, to be more open and to be an active activist. Peace and Love, J.A.M.

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It Ain’t All Black and White


DSCN6500 (3)

Peace J.A.M.

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Her Towers Have Fallen….

?????????????????? I lost a very dear friend  a couple of years ago, to a very violent death, I wasn’t given all of the details. I was spared. Those details I was so spared, have recently been brought to light. It is very painful. I ask my self if I wasn’t better off with a partial truth, a toned down version of the truth…… As painful as it is, it is better knowing what really happened, no matter how ugly that truth maybe ….. I will grow and learn from it ……… ……….. ……….. !

But, today I will remain silent.

Peace J.A.M.

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Silince, can be so loud, that it can bust eardrums…..


13 years  ago……. I could not believe what I was seeing and, I  am still asking myself W.T.”F” ??? I started this sculpture, in 2003, there is more to it, than what meets the eye, it has been collecting dust….. a moment of silence….

Peace J.A.M

P.s. Thank-You,  Jane Adams…

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Overlapping Reality Syndrome


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Coming Soon, A Dancing Dragon, Cosmic Cookery and More.

Dragons Dance

Cosmic Cauldron

I will be back soon with more about these two pieces and more.

Thank You, Peace and Love J.A.M.

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Rose Up out of That #@$%* !

Rose Up !

hip rose hip

DSCN4203 (1280x1032)


Still more obstacles to over come

Rose Up !

Rose up

All art and creative writing in this blog is Copyright©2002-2013Jeffery A. Murry . May be used for non-commercial means with credit to Jeffery A. Murry and a link back to this web address, ,Thank-You, Peace and Love, J.A.M.

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